LIFE GreenYourRoute project was initiated in September 2018 and it will close in May 2023. The project is co-funded by LIFE, the European Union’s instrument for the environment. LIFE GreenYourRoute is an innovative logistics platform for last mile delivery of goods in urban environments developed within a multidisciplinary approach of environmental engineering, computer science and operations research.

The aim of LIFE GreenYourRoute project is to deliver and demonstrate, to 5 Small-Medium Enterprises in 3 different European Union member states, an innovative, smart, and Integrated green vehicle routing platform (i.e. an intelligent transportation planning and execution system) for last mile delivery. It includes a set of tools and services that promote eco-efficient sustainable freight transport operations in urban regions, via environmental-friendly vehicle routing decisions. At the same time, it addresses driving eco-requirements as well as operational cost efficiency through an innovative environmental assessment approach.

European Commission has recognized that tradeoffs are necessary to ensure mutual coherence between environmental policy and that of other domains. Transport, the fastest growing sector in terms of emissions production and energy use, plays a central role in the European Union and accounts for almost 20% of total gross energy consumption, while 98% is fossil fuel.

The project’s objectives include introducing an innovative policy in the pan-European transport system, based on the environmentally friendliest routing of vehicles by demonstrating that environmental friendly is also cost saving using an innovative approach to minimize environmental cost of routing plans. By the end of the project, a sustainable GreenYourRoute

Company will be established to provide verified green routing services to transport operators and certify them as green routing operators. The project will also support the exchange of good practices with the target of environmental integration in policy areas related to transport and bring together SME’s and scientists, to deal with impacts of transport on air pollution and climate change in urban zones.

The issues that the platform handles include:

– Minimizing the number of freight movements and the distances required to

carry them out;

– Making maximum use of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) to increase the

efficiency of freight movements;

– Reducing air and noise pollution from freight movements, which is totally aligned with the challenges that urban freight transport has to face until 2030, according to the European Commission’s Study on Urban Freight Transport (see link

Several dissemination activities , including workshops  in Czech Republic, Greece and Italy and webinars

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